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Heating and Cooling Products

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Waggoners', is the high-quality commercial and residential HVAC services that we provide throughout the community. Both our workmanship and our customer service has garnered us a reputation that we are not only proud of, but that we strive to maintain. Of course, this wouldn't be possible if we didn't use the best HVAC products available on the market. We specialize in implementing the best HVAC products available, such as those by Trane and Lennox. The following is a brief overview of these brands and what makes them a step above the rest:

Lennox AC and Heating Products

Lennox is known for offering air conditioner and heating systems that are both highly functioning and energy efficient. Homeowners will be able to find Lennox systems that suit their specific needs, no matter what their budget is, what type of home they have or what kind of lifestyle they live. Many of Lennox's HVAC products also happen to be approved by Energy Star, which means they go above and beyond the energy efficiency standards of the EPA (environmental protection agency). Their most efficient air conditioners have SEER ratings upwards of 16 to 26, and their most efficient gas furnaces have efficiency ratings that reach 95 to 98.7. In addition to efficiency, Lennox uses current advancements in technology in order to provide their products with performance enhancing features that include Precise Comfort Technology, Solar Technology and their iHarmony Zoning System.

Trane AC and Heating Products

Trane has also developed a reputation for their energy efficiency and reliability of the heating and cooling products. Their air conditioning units and heat pumps have earned SEER ratings between 13 and 21, and their gas furnaces boast efficiency ratings of upwards of 95 to 96 percent. One of the reasons they have earned such high ratings is due to the fact that they rigorously test their heating and cooling systems to ensure longevity, durability and performance. They're no slouch in the technological department either, with features that include CleanEffects, TrueComfort, EarthWise Hybrid System, Comfort-R Innovation and ComfortLink II Communicating Capability, to name a few.

We carry Lennox and Train heating and cooling systems because they provide some of the most efficient, reliable and technologically advanced products on the market. For more information about our HVAC products and services, be sure to contact us at Waggoners' today.